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sdValencia, Spain

ISA partners with the Universidad Católica de Valencia and Universitat Politècnica de València

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with two new host university partners in Valencia. Starting Spring 2015, our semester and academic year offerings in Valencia have been expanded to include the new Health and Natural Sciences program at the Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV). Health and Natural Sciences program participants will have the opportunity to enroll in courses with locals and international students instructed in English as well as Spanish language courses. The new program will offer courses in the fields of Nursing, Biological Science, Oceanography, Biotechnology, Exercise Science and Veterinary Science.

Also starting Spring 2015, students will have the opportunity to participate in the new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). Our new program at the UPV, ranked as one of the top universities worldwide by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), will offer students the opportunity to take courses with locals instructed in English. The new program will offer courses in Business Administration and Management, Civil Engineering, Design Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

For more information about the Health and Natural Sciences program at the UCV, or the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program at the UPV, please visit the ISA website.

shBarcelona, Spain

New Global Health program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Starting Spring 2015, students will have the opportunity to participate in the new Global Health program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. All students enroll in a 6-ECTS “Comparative Healthcare Systems” course, and then choose from courses pertaining to the fields of Human Biology, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering.

For more information about the Global Health program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, please visit the ISA website.


program updates

sdDublin, Ireland

Early-start course at Trinity College Dublin

The Humanities & Social Sciences and Nursing & Natural Sciences programs at Trinity College Dublin now offer students participating in fall or academic-year programs the option to enroll in a three-week early-start course prior to the beginning of the program. The 5-ECTS early-start course encompasses themes related to Irish history, archaeology, art, architecture and literature.

For more information on the early-start course, please visit the ISA website.

svBarranquilla, Colombia

Course options at the Universidad del Norte expanded

The Universidad del Norte has increased its offering of engineering classes with locals taught in English during summer and semester programs.  The Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical and Systems Engineering Programs at the UNINORTE have been accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission at ABET. A variety of classes are available in Civil, Electrical & Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering. Previously, these courses were only taught during the summer. Advanced Spanish Composition and Advanced Business Spanish have also been added to the normal program offer.

Please visit the ISA website for more information about ISA programs in Barranquilla.


svLima, Peru

Intermediate- level courses added and course offering expanded

Starting Spring 2015, the Universidad del Pacífico (UP) will offer Intermediate Spanish. Previously, the UP only offered advanced-level courses. Additionally, the UP has expanded its offering of courses instructed in English, which include: Marketing in Latin America, International Trade and Policy, From Local Knowledge to Global Business, E-Business, Consumer Behavior, US - Latin American Foreign Relations, 1898-2000, International Marketing and Modern History of Peru.

Please visit the ISA website for more information about our programs at the UP.

baSantander, Spain

Santander programs now offered only in summer

Starting 2015, ISA’s Santander program will only be available in the summer. Semester and academic year options in northern Spain are still available in Bilbao and Barcelona.

For more information about this program, please visit the ISA website.


Program Name Changes

The names of the following programs have changed to better reflect their curricular strengths and differentiate them from other programs offered in the same city, country or geographic area.

baValencia, Spain

Universitat de Valencia

New program title: Hispanic Studies Honors Program (previously titled: Spanish Language, Culture & Literature)


baCork, Ireland

University College Cork

New program title: Liberal Arts, Celtic Studies & Food Science (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)


baDublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin

New program title: Humanities & Social Sciences (previously titled: Arts & Social Sciences)
New program title: Nursing & Natural Sciences (previously titled: Sciences)


baUniversity College Dublin

New program title: Business, Social Sciences & Humanities (previously titled: Business, Arts & Social Sciences)


baMaynooth University

New program title: Arts, Music, Social & Natural Sciences (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)

baGalway, Ireland

National University of Ireland, Galway

New program title: Liberal Arts, Business & Irish Studies (previously titled: Liberal Arts, Business & Law)
New program title: Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) (previously titled: Science & Engineering)

baCape Town, South Africa

University of the Western Cape

New program title: Political & Social Sciences, African Studies & Health (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)

baDurban, South Africa

University of KwaZulu-Natal

New program title: Engineering, Natural & Social Sciences & Performing Arts (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)

baGrahamstown, South Africa

Rhodes University

New program title: Science, Humanities & Business (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)

baPort Elizabeth, South Africa

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

New program title: Sustainable Development, Environmental Studies & Sport Science (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)

baStellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch University

New program title: Business, Humanities, Natural & Social Sciences (previously titled: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines)

Expansion and Consolidation of ISA Locations and Host Universities

As a result of our merger with GlobaLinks, ISA’s list of available program locations, host universities and internship placements has grown tremendously. Some highlights include the following: we now offer internship opportunities in Australia, Chile, China, Enlgand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Spain; through the partnership with Euroscholars we have added undergraduate research opportunities in Switzerland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden; and, perhaps most importantly,  we now offer academic programs in over 20 new host institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan and Germany. As we expand, we are eliminating curricular redundancies, and suspending programs, locations and placements that have historically been under-subscribed. Through this process, we strive to better serve the needs of our students and North American university partners.
To review the entire and most up-to-date listing of locations, host universities, internship opportunities and service-learning placements, please visit the ISA Website, GoInternAbroad and the GlobaLinks undergraduate research page. For a  concise breakdown of suspended programs, please visit the ISA website.

ISA Insurance Update

For programs beginning August 1, 2014 and thereafter, the emergency assistance benefit of ISA’s medical insurance for all participants will be provided by AXA. All other aspects of the comprehensive medical coverage included on ISA programs remain the same and the policy continues to be underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company.

For further details about the insurance included in ISA programs, please visit the Insurance page on the ISA website.

Custom Programs

ISA’s Custom Programs team has recently expanded. Below is a complete list of members with their respective geographic and NAFSA regions:

Laura Pierce Weldon, Director, South Africa; Liaison for Universities Outside the US
Nannette Taft, Associate Director, Cuba, Peru & Greece; NAFSA Region VI
Deanna Hendrickson, Custom Program Manager, Argentina, Brazil & Chile; NAFSA Regions I and XII
Nate Frank, Custom Program Manager, Australia, Fiji & New Zealand; NAFSA Region II
Chelsea Snyder, Custom Program Manager, England, Ireland & India; NAFSA Region III
Stephanie Keinz, Custom Program Manager, Belgium, France, Czech Republic & Germany; NAFSA Region IV
Patrick Barker, Custom Programs and Outreach Coordinator, NAFSA Region IV - Kentucky
Mario Gonzalez, Custom Program Manager, Colombia, Costa Rica & Dominican Republic; NAFSA Region V
Brendan Richardson, Custom Program Manager, Italy; NAFSA Region VII
Jean Ooi, Custom Program Manager, China, Japan, Jordan, South Korea & Thailand; NAFSA Regions VIII and X
Stephanie Molinare, Custom Program Manager, Spain & Morocco; NAFSA Region XI

Please visit the Custom Programs’ website for more information about ISA’s Custom Programs.

Degrees Overseas

As a result of the ISA-GlobaLinks merger, ISA’s recently-launched Master’s Degree programs have been incorporated into the GlobaLinks Degrees Overseas offerings. The Degrees Overseas team works out of our Denver office and is dedicated to facilitating enrollment for students who wish to obtain a full undergraduate or graduate degree abroad.

For more information about Degrees Overseas, please contact Andrew Wingfield, Director of Degree Programs.

Veritas Abroad

Starting Spring 2015, Veritas Abroad programs in the Dominican Republic will be offered exclusively in the capital city of Santo Domingo. Previously, Veritas offered programs only in Santiago. The new location provides students with expanded course options and additional missionary practicum opportunities.

For more information on programs in the Dominican Republic, please visit the Veritas website.

Agreements and Collaborations

ISA and the Universidad de Sevilla Partnership Agreement

On May 22, ISA and CIEE signed a new agreement with the Universidad de Sevilla to expand collaborations. The agreement promotes the development of international academic programs for study abroad students, both scientific and cultural, at the Universidad de Sevilla. Additionally, the signing of the agreement will help Spanish students acquire “work and travel” visas, further promoting the internationalization of the Universidad de Sevilla campus.

Please visit the Europa Press website for more information about the agreement.

Since the last issue of the Academic Update Newsletter, ISA has entered into affiliation agreements with the following universities:

Alderson Broaddus University
Heidelberg University
Soka University of America
Southern Indiana University

For a complete listing of ISA's U.S. affiliates, please visit the Affiliated Universities page on the ISA website.

Faculty Seminar

ISA’s fifth Faculty Seminar, “From Curriculum Integration to Intercultural Competence: Facilitating Learning and Development for U.S. Students in Prague and Brussels,” was held from June 14-21, 2014. Participants had the opportunity to discover, explore and reflect upon the various means through which ISA maximizes the study abroad experience for U.S. students, particularly in terms of overall learning, development and academic progress.

For more information about ISA Faculty Seminars, please visit the Faculty Seminar webpage.

Fall 2014 advisors' workshop

Last August we hosted our tenth Advisors' Workshop at our headquarters in Austin. Thirty advisors from U.S. universities were in attendance, making it the largest ISA workshop we’ve hosted since the launch of the event in 2008.

To learn more about the ISA Advisors' Workshop, please e-mail

Global Ambassador Workshop at ISA headquarters

shThe Alumni Relations Department hosted its 3rd Annual Global Ambassador Workshop at ISA headquarters in Austin from July 30th-August 2nd. This workshop provided the "Senior GAs" with an opportunity to meet various departments, shadow a regional director and receive training involving NAFSA's best practices for advising. Additionally, the workshop included a professional development seminar.


For more information about ISA’s Alumni Relations department, please visit the ISA website.

ISA Austin obtains Gold Austin Green Business Leaders status

shWe are pleased to announce that our Austin office has been officially recognized as a Gold Austin Green Business Leader. Gold Austin Green Business Leaders have been recognized by the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability for their efforts in reducing energy usage, implementing recycling programs, and the overall promotion of environmental sustainability. Adam Lazor, ISA’s Region XII Director; Kevin McCloskey, ISA’s Program Manager for Spain; Rod Hutchings, ISA headquarters Facility Manager; and Katie Goldberg, ISA-ELAP Program Manager, attended the Austin Green Business Leaders Event on June 25th to receive status recognition.

ISA Regional Directors

As the fall semester begins, so does the travel season for ISA Regional Directors. Below is a list of NAFSA regions with the corresponding ISA Regional Director. For contact information or to schedule a visit to your campus, please visit the ISA website.

Region I:
Nikki Hemingway & Adam Lazor

Region II:
Beth Calvert
Megan Fulmer

Region III:
Announcing Regional Director soon!

Region IV:
Walt Lengel

Region V:
Kelsey Monroe

Region VI:
Nick Zappitelli & Patrick Barker
Abby Miller

Region VII:
Jessica Penny
Caroline Ickes
Erin Gant

Region VIII:
Katharine Frantes
Ashley Tobin
Caroline Ickes

Region X:
Alvaro Rojas-Caamano
Alvaro Rojas-Caamano & Ashley Tobin

Region XI:
Ashley Tobin
Andrea Haynes

Region XII:
Nikki Hemingway & Adam Lazor
Eva Walthers, Nikki Hemingway & Adam Lazor


ISA is pleased to announce that total merit and need-based scholarship funds have been increased from $60,000 to $80,000 per year. The additional funds will increase the amounts awarded by the Dr. Carlos Castañeda Memorial Scholarship, the Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship, and the ISA Diversity Scholarship. The increase will begin with the Spring 2015 award cycle. ISA also continues to offer the Kalyn Peterson Memorial Scholarship for ISA-ELAP participants.

Scholarships are available to students from both affiliated and non-affiliated universities who are participating in ISA programs. Below is a list of the 2014 Fall and Academic Year scholarship recipients.

Diversity Scholarship
The ISA Diversity Scholarship aims to encourage students of a broader cultural make-up to participate in ISA programs by offering funds to assist with the expenses of studying abroad. The following students have been awarded $2,000 each for their Fall term abroad:

Salma Mendez Gomez, University of Texas-San Antonio
ISA Paris

Kaylee Ortega, University of Colorado-Boulder
ISA San José

Dr. Carlos E. Casteñeda Memorial Scholarship
These scholarships are dedicated to the memory of Dr. Carlos E. Casteñeda, who immigrated from Mexico to the United States with his family when he was in the sixth grade and quickly gained fluency in English and excelled in school. Orphaned at the age of 14 Carlos became the head of the household. While caring for four sisters he continued to educate himself and eventually enrolled in the University of Texas at Austin in 1917 where he earned his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.  As a testament to his early struggle and life long pursuit of academic excellence, ISA offers the Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda Memorial Scholarship as both a merit and financial need-based scholarship that assists students from affiliated universities with the expenses of studying abroad.  The following students have been awarded $2,000 each for their Fall term abroad and $2,500 each for their Academic Year abroad:

Kelly Bast, University of Nebraska
ISA Lima

Siobhan Billings Pearce, Emmanuel College
ISA Buenos Aires

Ariel Cheng, University of Denver
ISA Sevilla

Tierney Duffy, Lawrence University
ISA Granada

Caira Heinze, Texas Woman’s University
ISA Amman

Leala King, University of Colorado-Boulder
ISA Valparaíso & Viña del Mar

Savanna Kuertz, Miami University
ISA Paris

Elissa Lahr, South Dakota State University
ISA Heredia

Abbie Shadden, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
ISA Cusco

Jasmine White, University of Utah
ISA Meknes

Angela Leis, Arizona State University
ISA Barcelona

ELAP Kalyn Peterson Memorial Scholarship
This ELAP scholarship is being offered in the memory of Kalyn Elizabeth Peterson whose life was cut tragically short in 2010. Kalyn leaves behind a legacy of promoting diversity and putting others' needs before her own. From a young age Kalyn volunteered her time at a major hospital and was involved in several other civic organizations. Recognized for her abilities to bring about the best in others, Kalyn's talents to help others less fortunate will be memorialized through the recipient of this scholarship.  The following student has been awarded $1,000 for the Fall term abroad:

Jasmine Bentley, New Mexico State University
ISA+ELAP Granada


Boren Scholarship
Two ISA students were awarded the prestigious Boren Scholarship for study in North Africa and the Middle East.

James Bailey, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
ISA Amman

Tandra Martin, Middle Tennessee State University
ISA Meknes

Gilman Scholarship
Eighteen ISA students were awarded the prestigious Benjamin Gilman Scholarship for their 2014 Fall or Academic Year program.

Please visit the ISA Today blog for a complete list of scholarship recipients.


ISA Presentations at NAFSA Regional Conferences

NAFSA Region III conference
Fort Worth, TX, November 3-7, 2014 

The Director of ISA-ELAP, Natalie Bates, will form part of a team of international educators conducting a workshop titled, “Service-Learning and Internships Abroad: Programming and Implementation,” on November 2, from 1 to 5 pm at the Renaissance Worthington Fort Worth Hotel. The workshop will focus on the development, facilitation, and enhancement of internships and service-learning programs.

The Director of ISA’s Custom Programs Department, Laura Pierce Weldon, will co-present in a session titled, “Faculty-Led Hybrid Program Development,” at the NAFSA Region III conference. The session will focus on how new university study abroad programs can be developed using the faculty-led model and external program providers' existing networks and resources.

Please visit the NAFSA Region III home page for more information about these conferences.

NAFSA Region VI conference
Lexington, KY, November 9-11, 2014

Nick Zappitelli, Associate Director of University Relations, will co-present a session at the NAFSA Region VI conference titled, "Emerging Trends in Education Abroad Partnerships: Interrogating the Embedded Education Abroad Provider Model," with Dr. Tony Ogden of the University of Kentucky. The ISA office at the University of Kentucky will be presented as an example of the “embedded office” model to facilitate a candid reflection on the merits and challenges of such partnerships.

Please visit the NAFSA Region VI home page for more information about this conference.

NAFSA Region II conference
Tuscon, AZ, October 14-17

Rafael Hoyle, Executive Vice-President, Academic Affairs, will co-present a session at the NAFSA Region II conference titled, "Finding Water in the Desert – Effective Study Abroad Risk Management with Limited Resources." The session will explore ways in which education abroad offices can successfully manage health, safety, and security responsibilities when there is no dedicated study abroad risk manager on campus.  Two panelists representing a large public and small private university will discuss strategies that have worked on their campuses, while Dr. Hoyle will focus on ways in which study abroad service providers can add value to education abroad offices. 

NAFSA Regions X and XI conference
Albany, NY, October 28-30, 2014

Andrew Wingfield, Director of ISA Degrees Abroad, will co-present at the upcoming NAFSA Region X/XI Conference. The session is titled "Preparing Students for Postgraduate Degree Programs Abroad: Advising Resources for International Educators," and will be presented in collaboration with Dr. Jon Stauff, Director of the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement; Dr. Joe Stanley, Institutional Relations Manager for CAPA International Education; Ginny Casper, Program Specialist of International Education at Union College; and Dr. Eric Derr, International Office Coordinator at Carlow College, Ireland. This session introduces the study abroad advisor to available resources, strategies for the student to consider in gaining both admission and funding, and the perspective of the recent graduate exploring post-graduation employment in the United States.

Please visit the NAFSA Bi-regional X & XI Conference home page for more information about this conference.

Lessons from Abroad, Study Abroad Returnee Conference
Lincoln, NE, September 21, 2014

Megan Fulmer will serve as Content Chair of the Nebraska Lessons from Abroad conference at the University of Nebraska. Megan will work directly with the Content Committee to create and design the conference schedule and select sessions that pertain to the theme of the conference.

For more information about the Lessons from Abroad Conference, please visit the conference website.

ISA in Print
Nathan Frank , ISA’s Custom Program Manager for the Pacific Region, will publish two articles that will appear in peer-reviewed journals. The first, a book review titled, "Arthur Kroker's 'Beautifully Tangled Knot' of Contingency, Complexity, and Hybridity," will appear in Kudzu Review 4.4 (print and online). The second is an article titled, "Remapping the Present: Dave Eggers' Spatial Virtuality and the Condition of Literature," and will be published in the journal Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture 14.4 (online).

For more information about these publications, please visit their respective websites: Kudzu Review and Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture.

Employee Updates

baDeborah Morrison has been named Vice President, Global Mobility, and now forms part of ISA’s Executive Management. In addition to overseeing our global mobility efforts, Deborah will be working closely with Shelia Houston to oversee ISA operations in the Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand and Fiji). Deborah brings over a decade of experience to ISA management. She will remain in Colorado, where she will serve as one of the core leaders of our Denver team.

baMark Gallovic, who previously served as Director of Education Abroad at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, has joined ISA and now holds the position of Vice President, Strategic Partnerships. Mark will be based in our Denver office and is also a member of ISA’s Executive Management team. For years, Mark had been one of the most influential voices on the ISA Advisory Board, and we are delighted to now have him as a full-time colleague.

baFrank Serna joined ISA in early September as our new Director of Strategic Alliances. Frank left his position as Study Abroad Director at Point Loma Nazarene University, but will continue to live in California. Like Mark Gallovic, Frank was an active member of ISA’s Advisory Board prior to joining ISA full-time. In his new position, Frank will focus largely on the development of innovative approaches to university-provider collaborations.

baLauren Alexander, previously Associate Vice President, Custom Programs, recently assumed the role of Vice President, Internships and Service-Learning. Lauren first joined ISA in 2008 to direct the Custom Program division, growing it into one of the largest and most comprehensive faculty-led and customized programming operation in the country.

baAndrea Haynes joined ISA this summer as a Regional Director based out of our Boston office. Previously, Andrea worked at the College of Saint Rose, where she served as the Director of Global and Field Studies. She holds an M.Ed. from the University of Georgia in College Student Affairs Administration, and has more than nine years of experience at both public and private universities. In her new position, she will be overseeing university relations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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