ISA Academic Update

new programs

sdSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic

Universidad Iberoamericana

We are pleased to announce our new program in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic starting Spring 2014. Three semester and one six-week summer programs will be offered at the renowned Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). The Business, Health Sciences, Engineering, and additional Courses with Locals semester program will accommodate students of all levels of Spanish language proficiency. Students may take courses with locals in various fields including Architecture, Business, Communication, Economics, Education, Engineering, Graphic Design, Health Sciences, Interior Design, Psychology and Religion. Students may also enroll in Spanish Language courses. An added advantage is that many of the university's courses with locals in Business, Health Sciences and Engineering are taught in English, thus allowing ISA participants to enroll regardless of their Spanish proficiency level. Students with an advanced level of Spanish proficiency may enroll in courses with locals instructed in Spanish. The Spanish Language, Health & Caribbean Studies six-week summer program is designed to accommodate students at the intermediate and advanced language levels and offers electives taught in English and Spanish.

Please visit the ISA website for information on our programs in Santo Domingo.

sjSan José, Costa Rica

Internships through Veritas University

Beginning this summer, we will offer a new semester and summer program for students who wish to complete an internship for academic credit through Veritas University. During both summer and semester internship programs, students may complete an eight-week, 192-hour internship while taking courses at Veritas University. Internships are available in a number of fields including Business, Education, Marketing, and Social Work.

For more information about internships at Veritas University, please visit the ISA website.

flFlorence, Italy

Certificate Programs

Starting with the 2013-2014 academic year, one-year certificate programs will be available at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA). Students may enroll in one of eleven year-long certificate programs where they will take a pre-determined block of courses. Some of the certificate programs include Accessory Design and Technology, Fashion Design and Technology, Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Photography, and Visual Communication. Upon program completion, students will receive the corresponding certificate as well as a transcript issued by the FUA. Students will enroll in 15 U.S. semester credits each semester, and there are no language requirements or pre-requisites to apply to the program. As with all ISA programs taken at the FUA, participants have the option to request a U.S. transcript from the University of South Florida for their completed coursework.

For a complete listing of the certificate programs, please visit the ISA website.

sjRome, Italy

New J-term option

Starting January 2014, the American University of Rome will offer a new J-Term program for students wanting to complete a culture or liberal arts course in an intensive format. The Italian Culture and Liberal Arts program is ideal for students looking for a short-term program option in Italy. Students will select one of five courses, each worth 3 U.S. semester credits, and all include a field trip as part of the curriculum. This program can be taken as a precursor to a semester program or as a stand-alone program.

For more information on the new J-Term option in Rome, please visit the ISA website.

program updates

svSevilla, Spain

Education in a Multicultural Context program to offer year option

We have added an academic year option to the Education in a Multicultural Context program in Sevilla. During the fall semester, program participants enroll in "Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Practice," plus three or four other courses. Furthermore, participants intern two hours per week teaching English in a local school. During the spring semester, students enroll in the "Multiculturalism and Education" class in addition to one or two other classes and intern up to 20 hours a week teaching English.

Advanced-level students also have the option to enroll in a two-week intensive Spanish grammar course prior to the start of their fall semester classes. The option with the intensive two-week course appears as "Semester/Academic Year 5A" program in the ISA catalog and website, while the option without the intensive course appears as the "Semester/Academic Year 5B" program.

For more information about the various Education in a Multicultural Context program options, please visit our website.

chileValparaíso, Chile

Summer PUCV: English course offered for the first time

The PUCV has opened a new summer course. At 45 contact hours, "Identity Issues in Contemporary Latin American History: An Intercultural Approach" is the first summer course at the PUCV taught in English. Students may choose between two classes instructed at the intermediate or advanced language levels, or a combination of the new course plus their appropriate Spanish language class.

For more information about the new course or summer programs at the PUCV, please visit ISA's website.

lmLima, Peru

Language requirement has changed at the UP

The Business & Latin American Studies Courses with Locals program at the Universidad del Pacífico in Lima is no longer available for beginning and intermediate-level students. This program will only be open to advanced-level speakers, interested in taking courses with Peruvian students at an AACSB accredited institution.

For more information about ISA's Business & Latin American Studies Courses with Locals program at the UP, please visit the ISA website.

flFlorence, Italy

Intensive Month program name change at the FUA

We have changed the name of the intensive month program at the Florence University of the Arts. The new title, Hospitality, Liberal Arts & Italian Language, better reflects the expanded course offering. The intensive month program allows students without previous Italian language experience to enroll in one 45-contact hour course.

For more information about ISA's Hospitality, Liberal Arts & Italian Language intensive month program at the FUA, please visit the ISA website.

lnLondon, England

Program name change

We have changed the name of our previously titled, Arts & Sciences program at King's College London to, Arts & Sciences or Global Health. The change better reflects the inclusion of the new Global Health option for King's participants. Students participating in this track are required to take "Introduction to Global Health" and "Introduction to Social Medicine" alongside two other courses within the Arts & Sciences program. Participants that choose the Arts & Sciences track enroll only in art and science courses.

For more information regarding the Arts & Sciences or Global Health program, visit the ISA website.

paris Paris, France

J-Term program name change at the American Business School Paris

The previously titled, Intensive Business & Economics J-Term program at the American Business School Paris is now titled Intensive Business. This program can be taken as a precursor to a semester program or as a stand-alone program.

For more information about ISA's Intensive Business J-Term program at the ABSP, please visit the ISA website.

hd Hyderabad, India

Semester program name change

We have changed the name of our semester program in Hyderabad at the University of Hyderabad. The new program title, Indian Culture and Society & Courses with Locals, highlights the unique disciplines offered while emphasizing students' option to take courses with locals.

For more information about the Indian Culture and Society & Courses with Locals program, please visit the ISA website.

amAmman, Jordan

Intensive Arabic language course structure

Our semester programs in Amman will now offer modern standard Arabic in a modular structure. With this change, students will have the option of completing two semesters of Arabic in one semester, for a total of 128 contact hours (8 U.S. semester credits). Students complete one level during the first half of the semester, and then progress to the next level. Each course will appear separately on the Al-Ahliyya Amman University transcript. Arabic will be offered at all language levels.

For more information about our semester programs in Amman , visit our website.

program suspensions

ISA and Interstudy will be indefinitely suspending a number of programs due to continued low enrollment. The following programs will be indefinitely suspended beginning Fall 2013:

Gaborone, Botswana
Johannesburg, South Africa
Newcastle, England
Limerick, Ireland
Panama City, Panama


aguNew website launch

ISA is pleased to announce the launch of the new website for the Association of Global Universities (AGU), This innovative new resource is designed with the international student community and academic institutions in mind. The new website facilitates international mobility by making valuable information about higher education easily accessible to students through its translate function, which translates information into 60+ languages, in addition to its comprehensive "English Language" and "Degree Program" search tools. Other notable features of the site include: scholarship resources, "Students" and "Institutions" tabs that offer custom support for all audiences served by AGU, university profiles including available programs, eligibility requirements and program cost.

For more information, please visit AGU's new website.


Since the last issue of the Academic Update Newsletter, ISA has entered into the following affiliation agreements.

Michigan Tech University
Saint Mary's College
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Central State University
Providence College (Florence only)
Worcester State University
Huntington University
Guilford College
St. Petersburg College
The College of St. Rose
University of South Florida

In addition, Interstudy is now affiliated with St. Norbert College, and Veritas Abroad is affiliated with Carson-Newman College.

For a complete listing of ISA's U.S. affiliates, please visit the Affiliated Universities page on the ISA website.

fotoISA and Colombia's Universidad del Norte partnership agreement

On April 4, 2013, Gustavo Artaza, President and CEO of ISA, traveled to Barranquilla for a ceremony to celebrate the new agreement and the forging of the ISA/Uninorte partnership. Mr. Artaza met with Dr. Jesús Ferro Bayona, the Rector of the Universidad del Norte. In addition, Mr. Artaza toured the university and spent some time with the ISA students currently studying with ISA in Barranquilla this semester.

Agreement between ISA and Museo del Baile Flamenco Cristina Hoyos

ISA has forged a collaboration with the Museo del Baile Flamenco Cristina Hoyos in Sevilla, Spain. The Museo del Baile Flamenco is a cultural institution that researches, promotes, and disseminates information about Flamenco and its artistic influence at the local, national and international levels. The collaboration will open the door to internship opportunities for ELAP participants with access to a flamenco class and museum exhibits at no additional cost. Furthermore, the agreement will allow ISA students to participate in museum-sponsored activities at a discounted price, and facilitate a number of joint activities between ISA and the Museum, including the participation of the Museum in ISA's Intercultural University Forum.

ISA-ELAP: Service-Learning & Internships

Salamanca, Spain
ISA + ELAP summer combo

Beginning this summer, students will have the opportunity to combine an ISA summer program with a four-week ELAP internship in Salamanca. The ISA + ELAP Summer 5 Combo allows participants to first complete a one-month academic program (6-7 semester credits), followed by a four-week internship (15-35 hours/week) at a local organization or business. Placement options include an association for abused women and children, community libraries, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Office of Tourism. Students may also choose to participate in one of several City Council environmental projects.

Please visit the ELAP website for more information about this program.


programsearchISA has developed a new Program Search tool that allows the user to search by subject, location, term and language in a visually dynamic format. Additionally, the Program Search lists service learning, internships and mission work opportunities related to each program. The search results contain all the information, in a concise format, that the student needs to make an educated comparison between ISA programs. The terms offered, program dates, application deadlines, prices, and course listings are all displayed for immediate comparison.

The Program Search feature also includes a "Recommended Programs by Major" button (in the top right-hand corner of the Program Search web page) which links to all of our Field-Specific Recommendation guides (FSRs). These guides were developed to support the curriculum integration efforts of our affiliates. Currently, we offer over 25 FSRs in areas of study including Economics, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Health Sciences, Political Science, Chemistry, Spanish, Biology, and Computer Science.

Nafsa 2013

Fourteen ISA representatives will attend the NAFSA National Conference in St. Louis. We encourage you to stop by ISA's space in the exhibit hall, booth #1726. The following is a list of the staff members who will be in attendance.

Gustavo Artaza
President and Chief Executive Officer

Laura Reyes
Associate Vice President of European and African Operations

Arturo Artaza
Executive Vice President, University Relations and Marketing

Rafael Hoyle, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

Lauren Alexander
Associate Vice President, Custom Programs

Jimmy Brazelton
Associate Vice President, Research and Strategic Alliances

Lisette Montoto, Ph.D.
Curriculum Oversight Director

Dominick Luciano
Senior Director of University Relations and Marketing Manager

Nick Zappitelli
Associate Director of University Relations

Andrew Bennett
Regional Director of University Relations

Beth Calvert
Regional Director of University Relations

Paul Hopkinson
Director of ELAP

Brittany Walters
Director, Association of Global Universities

Melissa Stone
Program Manager, Custom Programs


In 2013, ISA will award $60,000 in merit and need-based scholarships to assist students with the expenses of studying abroad.

Diversity Scholarship
The following students have each been awarded a $1000 Diversity Scholarship for their summer term abroad:

Liana Martinez, The Ohio State University
ISA Valparaíso & Viña del Mar

Bryce St. Clair, The Ohio State University
ISA Barcelona

Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Michaela Farnum, a junior at Seattle University studying International Business and Spanish, who was a participant in the ISA program in Chile. Michaela's experience was cut short when she tragically lost her life in a hiking accident in the mountains of La Campana National Park in Chile. The following students were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship for Summer 2013:

Nicole Broden, Carroll College
ISA Paris

Shannon Marro, Salve Regina University
ISA Valparaíso & Viña del Mar

Jay Menees, University of South Carolina
ISA Rome

Heather Stewart, University of Louisville
ISA San José

Lisa Wilson, Grand Valley State University
ISA Rome

Kalyn Peterson Memorial Scholarship
This ELAP scholarship is offered in memory of ISA alumna, Kalyn Elizabeth Peterson, who passed away in 2010, leaving behind a legacy of promoting diversity and putting others' needs before her own. The following student was awarded a $2,000 scholarship for Summer 2013:

Elizabeth Ireson, The Ohio State University
ISA San José

Please visit the ISA website for detailed and updated information regarding eligibility requirements for all ISA scholarships, or to download a scholarship application.

Gilman Scholarship
We are very happy to announce that 16 Gilman Scholarships were awarded to participants on ISA programs this summer. The winners will be participating in ISA programs in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, France, India, Ireland, Jordan, Morocco, Peru and South Korea.


Veritas has collaborated with California Baptist University to create a new one-credit practicum, designed to enrich the program participants' experience through reflection assignments, research, and journal entries. The practicum is available at all Veritas locations and during all terms. For semester programs, students may enroll in the "International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum." For summer programs, the "International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum" will be required and will replace the three-credit Veritas course previously offered.

For more information about Veritas programs, please visit the Veritas website, or email

meknes & granada

fs-meknesgranadaThe ISA Fall 2013 Faculty Seminar will take place in the cities of Meknes, Morocco, and Granada, Spain, during the week of October 19-26. The seminar, "Encounters, Conflicts and Transculturation: The Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa," will consist of a series of lectures and guided cultural activities by host university faculty and local experts who will explore topics related to cultural identity, immigration, history, and religion. Participants will also receive a guided cultural visit through the architectural complex of the Alhambra (Granada), widely recognized as the paramount example of Islamic art in the West. During their time in Morocco, participants will take a guided walking tour through the city of Fez, where attention will be given to aspects of art and life, from the medieval era to the present day. Furthermore, participants will receive an introduction to the Jewish Quarter of Fez, discussing the influence that spread out from the beloved Jewish homeland of Sepharad to the far corners of the Mediterranean. Moulay Ismail University and the University of Granada will host the seminars in each respective country.

Early-bird registration ends on July 1. The final registration deadline is August 1, 2013.

For a description of the program lectures and cultural visits, biographies of the presenters, detailed itinerary and information about costs and registration, please visit the Faculty Seminar website.

For any questions about the seminar or the information appearing in the seminar website, please contact ISA's Academic Affairs Department.

spring 2013 FACULTY SEMINAR:

fs-romebrusselsThe ISA Spring 2013 Faculty Seminar was hosted in Rome and Brussels during the week of March 9-16. The seminar was titled, "The Future of the European Union and Its Struggle to Stay United: Regional Economic and Political Integration," and featured discussions on the origins and functions of European unity; the political, fiscal and monetary differences of EU member countries; the causes of high unemployment; and the EU's global perception in relation to Africa, the United States, and China. Two of ISA's host institutions, the American University of Rome and Vesalius College, hosted the seminar in conjunction with ISA.

For more information about the Spring 2013 Faculty Seminar, please visit ISA's website.


Lisette Montoto successfully defended her doctoral dissertation this semester and has graduated from the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia. The Institute's doctoral programs are ranked 6th (2014) in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, among more than one hundred programs nationally. Her dissertation titled, "The Public Good, The Market, and Academic Capitalism: U.S. Cross-Border Higher Education in Panama," reviews how U.S. colleges and universities have begun to extend their international presence through different models of cross-border higher education. Montoto's research explores three models of U.S. higher education in Panama City, Panama: a branch campus, a franchise model and merger/acquisition models. Using a qualitative approach, this study included a year of document analysis, classroom observations, interviews, and focus groups. Through the lens of academic capitalism, the findings place the different models along a continuum of neoliberalism and the public good. Congratulations, Dr. Montoto!


fotoOn February 2, ISA's Academic Coordinator of European Programs and Services, Pedro José Pérez Polo, presented in a session titled "Integration into Different Countries." The session was part of a program of conferences at the University of Warwick's "One World Week: Bridging the Gap to the Future," considered to be the world's largest student-run international event. During the session, Pedro discussed the importance of developing intercultural competence for student integration and future career employability.

Pictured from left to right: Vicenzo Raimo, Director of the International Office at the University of Nottingham; Stephen Williams, Assistant Director (Planning and Student Experience) at the University of Warwick and organizer of OWW; Ingrid Helsingen Warner, University of Warwick alumna and organizer of OWW; Pedro José Pérez Polo, ISA Academic Coordinator of European Programs and Services.

On April 12, Lauren Jennings, University Relations Representative for Region III, presented at the Arkansas NAFSA State Meeting. Lauren's session, "How to Develop and Market an Alumni Workshop," proposed ways to reach out to study abroad alumni through workshops and provided ideas on how to develop and market this type of workshop. The session also shared ways in which these workshops can guide students to effectively share their international experience and teach them how to utilize their study abroad experience in a professional setting. Co-presenters included Sarah Malloy, Study Abroad Coordinator, and Megan Fulmer, ISA Global Ambassador, both from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.

On April 22, University of Kentucky ISA Global Ambassadors, Lindsey Capps and Brandon Jent, presented at the 2013 Study Abroad Symposium in Murray, Kentucky. The conference is intended to help alumni re-acclimate to campus life, engage faculty in education abroad discussion, and increase awareness about study abroad opportunities for students in the Commonwealth. Lindsey and Brandon's presentation was titled, "Dialectical Variation and its Influence on the Study Abroad Experience: Analysis of Spanish in Valparaiso, Chile, and Salamanca, Spain." The ISA team is very proud of these exceptionally talented students.

To view photos of the presentation, please visit the ISA Kentucky Facebook page.