ISA Academic Update

New Programs

Barranquilla, Colombia

Universidad del Norte

We are pleased to announce our new program in Barranquilla, Colombia starting Spring 2013. Semester and summer programs will be offered at the renowned Universidad del Norte. The Latin American Studies, International Business & Courses with Locals semester program will accommodate students of all levels of Spanish language proficiency. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to enroll in courses with locals as well as Spanish language courses. Students may take courses with locals in various fields including Architecture, Communication, Economics, Graphic Design, Mathematics, Nursing, and Engineering (Uninorte is ABET accredited). An added advantage is that many of the university's courses with locals in Business, Latin American Studies, and Engineering are taught in English, thus allowing ISA participants to enroll regardless of their Spanish proficiency level. ISA students also have the option to complete an undergraduate research project. All students are eligible to enroll in electives instructed in English with locals. Students with an advanced level of Spanish proficiency may enroll in courses with locals instructed in Spanish. Uninorte also offers a credit-bearing service-learning course. The Spanish Language & Courses with Locals summer program is also designed to accommodate students at all language levels and offers electives taught in English and Spanish with locals. Only those at the advanced level will be eligible to enroll in courses with locals instructed in Spanish.

Please visit the ISA website for information on our programs in Barranquilla.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

University of Buenos Aires - School of Agriculture

ISA is offering the Agriculture, Environmental Sciences & Spanish Language summer program at the University of Buenos Aires starting 2013. This 6-week program is designed for students interested in Agricultural Studies. The program also offers a "Spanish Language for the Agricultural Professions" course at the beginning and intermediate levels. All students may choose from a variety of Agricultural Studies electives instructed in English and will enroll in 90-105 contact hours.

Please visit the ISA website for information on this summer program at the University Buenos Aires.

Amman, Jordan

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

ISA has partnered with the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) to offer our new Business, Engineering, and Information Technology program starting Spring 2013. The program is open to students of all majors. Students who have not completed 2 semesters/3 quarters of college-level Arabic or the equivalent will be required to enroll in "Arabic Language" as one of their courses. Participants may choose from an extensive list of courses taught in English in the fields of Business, Engineering, and Information Technology, all of which will be taken with Jordanian students. This program will allow students to enroll in 192-256 contact hours.

Please visit the ISA website for information on our programs at Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

Galway, Ireland

Science & Engineering, Semester and Academic Year

Starting Spring 2013, we will offer the Science & Engineering semester and academic year programs at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Students will complete 20-30 ECTS credits per semester, and may select courses from the College of Science and the College of Engineering and Informatics, as well as one or two courses from other academic disciplines including: Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, Business, Public Policy and Law. Students interested in programs at NUI-Galway must have a 3.0 GPA and must complete the first semester of their sophomore year prior to starting the program. Additional application materials include a letter of intent, a letter of recommendation and two academic references.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Science & Engineering program.

Galway, Ireland

Irish Studies, Summer

Starting Summer 2013, students interested in studying Irish culture, art, literature and history may enroll in the Irish Studies program at the National University of Ireland, Galway. All students will take two classes for a total of 12 ECTS credits. Excursions are a key component to the academic structure of the program. The various visits to nearby landmarks were carefully selected by NUI-Galway to complement the courses taught during this program. Students will visit the Aran Islands, County Claire and the Dingle Peninsula. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for acceptance into the program and students must hold sophomore standing at the time of applying.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Irish Studies summer program.

Florence, Italy

Culture & Italian Language, Intensive Month

We are now offering a Culture & Italian Language intensive month program at Florence University of the Arts. This program is open to students of all levels of Italian language proficiency. All courses will be taught in English with the exception of Italian language, which is offered at all levels.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Culture & Italian Language intensive month program.

London, England

Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines, Summer

Starting Summer 2013, ISA will offer Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines at Roehampton University. Two 3-week summer sessions will be available and students will have the opportunity to enroll in back-to-back programs. Students will enroll in one course worth 20 UK credits per session. Per Roehampton University, the recommended U.S. equivalents for 20 UK credits is 4 semester credits/6 quarter units. Course offerings during the summer span a variety of departments and majors. Areas of study include Media, Culture, Business, Humanities, Theatre Performance, Dance, Social Sciences, Psychology, English and Creative Writing.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines summer program.

Sevilla, Spain

Education in a Multicultural Context, Semester

Beginning this Fall, we are offering a new semester program at the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP). All participants of the Education in a Multicultural Context program will enroll in a 60-hour course titled, "Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Practice," and will enroll in an academic internship for two hours per week at a local school. Students will also choose from the wide variety of electives available through our existing International Studies, Business & Spanish Language semester program.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Education in a Multicultural Context semester program.

Valencia, Spain

Spanish Language and Liberal Arts, Summer

We have added a third summer session to our programming in Valencia. The Spanish Language & Liberal Arts program at Florida State University's Valencia Study Center offers students the opportunity to enroll in Spanish language courses of all proficiency levels as well as electives instructed in English. Students with an advanced proficiency level will also have the opportunity to enroll in an extended list of content courses instructed in Spanish. Students will be in class with ISA and other international students and will receive an official transcript from Florida State University.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Spanish Language & Liberal Arts summer program.

Program Updates

Panama City, Panama

Summer programs combined

We have streamlined our summer program offerings in Panama. Previously, two 5-week sessions and one 13-week session were offered. Starting Summer 2013, we will only offer one 10-week, Courses with Locals in English session, titled "Summer 1." The program will continue to offer Spanish language courses as well as courses taught in English. Students will enroll in 135-195 contact hours.

Please visit the ISA website for information on the Courses with Locals in English summer program.

Lima, Peru

Summer now open to all levels

Our summer programs in Lima will now be available to students at all levels of Spanish language proficiency. Students will now be able to choose from two courses taught in English. Additionally, there will be two intermediate and two advanced-level Spanish grammar and Hispanic culture/literature courses. A third political science course taught in Spanish, will be open to students with an advanced level of Spanish language proficiency.

Please visit the ISA website for information regarding our summer programs in Lima.

Barcelona, Spain

GPA requirement has changed, UAB

The Autonomous University of Barcelona has raised its minimum GPA for all programs from 2.5 to 2.75. Students who have a GPA between 2.7 and 2.75 at the time of application will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must submit a letter of intent along with a letter of recommendation.

Please visit the ISA website for information on our programs at the UAB.

Barcelona, Spain

Changes to eligibility requirements for semester and academic year programs, UB

Starting Spring 2013, students with a beginning Spanish proficiency level may apply to the semester and academic year programs offered at the University of Barcelona.

Please visit the ISA website for information regarding our programs at the UB.

Beijing, China

Temporary program suspension

We have temporarily suspended our program in Beijing, and are currently working on building an improved program with increased course offerings. We expect to re-launch the program in Summer 2013. The program reviews that we have received for our Beijing program have all been excellent regarding the ISA staff, excursions, cultural activities, and support services. By changing the academic structure of the program, we hope to better meet students' needs. We look forward to announcing our new program in the near future.

Please visit the ISA website for information on our existing programs in Asia.

financial aid:
Changes to good faith payment amounts

For students who wish to defer their program payment in order to use their financial aid, ISA will continue to request a Good Faith Payment by the program due date. These amounts have changed for various sites beginning Spring 2013.

To view the new ISA Good Faith Payment amounts, please visit the ISA website.

custom programs

ISA Custom Programs is pleased to announce the launch of The new interactive website is a tool for faculty and administrators looking to create custom programs for the first time. With a description of our in-depth support services, academic program model ideas, a timeline for development, and examples of current programs, the website is a resource for expanding our U.S. partner universities' study abroad opportunities.

For more information, visit

Experiential Learning Abroad Programs (ELAP)
ISA Voted #1

ELAP is excited to announce the following new program developments for 2013:

Cartago, Costa Rica

ELAP will offer internship opportunities in Cartago, Costa Rica, beginning Spring 2013. This ELAP-only location offers internships during the spring, summer or fall at a number of local organizations, including a center for global awareness, children's home, municipal office, and school for at-risk boys. This location is ideal for students who have prior experience abroad and a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish.

Veragua, Costa Rica

Beginning Summer 2013, ELAP will offer a two-week summer community project in Veragua, Costa Rica. The Veragua Rainforest Conservation Project will take place at a rainforest research field station. The project will give students the opportunity to learn about the ecosystem of the Costa Rican rainforest through hands-on conservation projects and plant and animal research.

Meknès, Morocco

Beginning Spring 2013, all students participating in an ISA program in Meknès will have the opportunity to enroll in an internship. Students can intern at a local clinic, a women's rights association, a center for disabilities, a women's education center, or a center for at-risk-youth. Beginning Arabic or French language skills are required to participate in these ELAP internship opportunities.

ELAP + ISA Combo programs

Previously, students participating in ELAP and ISA programs concurrently were required to submit separate applications and payments. To streamline the admission process, ELAP has identified select ISA semester and summer academic programs that denote ELAP and ISA as part of the same program. The new ELAP + ISA Combo option will require only one application and one deposit, making it easier for both students and advisors to identify an all-inclusive ELAP + ISA program.

For more information on new and existing ELAP placements, as well as the ELAP + ISA Combo programs, visit the newly designed ELAP website.

ISA University Relations representatives

As the fall semester begins, so does the travel season for ISA University Relations Representatives. Below is a list of NAFSA regions with the corresponding ISA University Relations Representative. For contact information or to schedule a visit to your campus, please visit the ISA website.

Region I:
Nikki Hemingway

Region II:
Beth Calvert

Courtney Diegel

Region III:
Lauren Kolls

Region IV:
April Wyatt

Region V:
Jorden Pecher

Region VI:
Chase Coffield

Region VII:
Caroline Ickes

Nick Zappitelli

Kevin McCloskey

Region VIII:
Raquel Ramírez Cervera, Will Weir

Alvaro Rojas-Caamano

Region X:
Alvaro Rojas-Caamano

Region XI:
Zachary Macinnes, Will Weir

Region XII:
Andrew Bennett

Nikki Hemingway

Andrew Bennett, Eva Walthers

FALL 2012 & academic year 2012-2013 SCHOLARSHIp RECIPIENTS

In 2012, ISA awarded $60,000 in merit and need-based scholarships to assist students with the expenses of studying abroad. Scholarships are available to students from both affiliated and non-affiliated universities who are participating in ISA programs.

Diversity Scholarship

The ISA Diversity Scholarship aims to encourage students of a broader cultural make-up to participate in ISA programs by offering funds to assist with the expenses of studying abroad. The following students have been awarded $2000 each for their term abroad.

Laura Newman, University of Denver
ISA Brussels

Bryce Levitt, University of Arizona
ISA Meknès

Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda. Dr. Castañeda immigrated to the United States from Mexico at a young age and went on to receive his doctorate and become a professor of Latin American History at the University of Texas at Austin. These students from affiliated universities were each awarded $2000 for winners participating in semester programs and $2500 for those participating in year programs abroad.

Camille Shortridge , University of Denver
ISA Prague

Jazmin Lopez Torres , Arizona State University-West Campus
ISA Barcelona

Elisabeth Nikolau , Lawrence University
ISA Granada

Beth Johnson , Iowa State University
ISA Barcelona

Mary Diduch , Lawrence University
ISA Granada

Deanna Gorman , Luther College
ISA London

Joyce Kim , University of Kentucky
ISA Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

Brandi Gallaher , Oklahoma State University
ISA San José

Carly Maher , Colorado State University
ISA Barcelona

Jill Swanson , Arizona State University
ISA Lima

Rachel Wadsworth , College of Charleston
ISA Valencia

Madlynn Ruble , University of South Dakota
ISA Granada

Please visit the ISA website for detailed and updated information regarding eligibility requirements for all ISA scholarships, or to download a scholarship application.


ISA's second Faculty Seminar, titled, "Challenges of the Global Marketplace: Preparing Business Students for the 21st Century", will be held November 3rd-10th in London and Paris. The seminar is designed to facilitate a comparison of the economic development models in England and France, an exploration of the impact of global politics and economics on local markets, and a reflection on how business students today can be better equipped to enter the workforce during a time of recession and globalization. A highlight of the seminar includes a private tour of the London Stock Exchange on U.S. Election Day.

We are also pleased to announce our Spring 2013 Faculty Seminar, which will be held in Rome and Brussels from March 9th-16th. The seminar, titled "The Future of the European Union and its Struggle to Stay United: Regional Economic and Political Integration," will analyze the evolving relationship of the various players in the EU, from regional powerhouses Germany and France, to economically challenged countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Please visit the ISA Faculty Seminar website for more information regarding our seminar offerings, and contact with any questions.


Inaugural Global Ambassador Workshop

ISA's Alumni Relations Department hosted its inaugural Global Ambassador Workshop at the ISA headquarters in Austin from August 15th-17th. This workshop provided 15 Senior Global Ambassadors an opportunity to meet with all ISA departments, shadow a regional University Relations Representative, and obtain training involving NAFSA's best practices for advising. The workshop culminated in a professional development seminar that offered Global Ambassadors suggestions on how to incorporate their international experience into their future careers.

For more on the Global Ambassador Workshop, visit ISA's public blog, ISA Today.

Featured ISA Staff


Lauren Kolls

We are pleased to announce that ISA University Relations Representative, Lauren Kolls, has accepted the volunteer position of NAFSA Region III (TX, OK, AR, LA) Development Chair. Lauren will be working with the Region III Team for a 2-year term in order to further develop and enhance the Region, facilitate communications among the Region's international educators, all while helping to coordinate NAFSA conferences.


Brendan Richardson

ISA Custom Programs is expanding its team of Custom Program Managers to meet the demand for faculty-led and partnership programs. Brendan Richardson joined ISA Custom Programs in August, and was previously at Georgia State University where he served as Study Abroad Advisor from March 2011 to August 2012. Brendan has earned a B.S. in Sport Management, M.A. in International Affairs and M.S. in Higher Education from Florida State University. He spent a total of 16 months working abroad for FSU at their study centers in London, Florence, and Valencia. Brendan will draw on his experience with student advising and with GSU faculty-led programs as he designs and implements ISA Custom Programs in England and Florence.


Eric Mackintosh

Dr. Eric Mackintosh joined ISA's Academic Affairs Department in June as Curriculum Specialist. During the fall semester of his junior year at the University of Texas at Austin, Eric completed the ISA program at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso in Chile. His semester abroad had a profound influence over his future career and academic goals. After graduating in 2002, Eric became an Environmental Education Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. Upon completion of his service, Eric entered the Graduate Program for Latin American Studies at Tulane University in New Orleans, where he earned his M.A. in 2008 and his Ph.D. in 2012. While at Tulane, Eric taught lower division classes in Latin American Studies, as well as an upper division class in Sustainable Development in the Caribbean.

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